[Shyanne arrives in Seattle 1972]
From left; Eric Burgeson, Howard Walter, Lee Perkins, Gene Nygaard, David Christensen

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SHYANNE's personnel:

[Eric Burgeson] Eric Burgeson - Guitar, Slide Guitar and vocals. A founding member and favorite son of Couer d'Alene, Idaho, Eric joined Howard, Gene and Lee in "Cold Power". They decided a name change was in order and "Whiterock" was born. Eric became a prolific songwriter shortly after when the band moved to LA in 1970. Not widely known is the fact that he earned a Gold Record for an old Shyanne tune recorded by ex-Jefferson Airplane singer, Marty Balin. After Shyanne dissolved in the mid-80's Eric did a stint with the East Coast band Foghat. Eric is currently working in music retail and playing with The Perones in the Inland Empire area for going on 20 years.

[Gene Nygaard] Gene Nygaard - Guitars and vocals. A founding member of the band with Howard, Eric, David & Leeroy. Gene left the band in 1972 to pursue a successful career in the Seattle country music scene where he became one of the premier lead players in the Pacific Northwest. Gene continues to be in great demand today as a first call lead guitarist but more recently he has become very well known internationally as the creator and sole proprietor of Zero Guitars.

[David Christensen] David Christensen - Keyboards and vocals. Another founding member. Just before relocating to LA, the band was lucky enough to pluck David from another band. He has always been one of the top keyboardists in the Pacific Northwest. David performed as "Mick" whenever the band did their trademark Rolling Stones Revue but left the music business temporarily in 1983. Not widely known is the fact that he once flew solo behind the controls of a seaplane. David continues to pursue a successful solo career and supplements his music income with a job in medical health services. He recently relocated to the Reno, NV area.

[Leeroy Perkins] Lee (Leeroy) Perkins - Bass guitar and vocals. A founding member with Howard, Gene, Eric & David, Leeroy started playing professionally in 1965. He was the band's only bass player throughout the timespan of the original Shyanne. Left the band in 1985 to start Tacoma's Led Stetson country rock act. Today, Leeroy is an account executive for North America's largest magazine & book wholesaler The News Group. His special interests include mountaineering, reading non-fiction and baseball.

[Howard] Howard Walter - Drums, percussion and vocals. The founder of founding members, Howard was always the blues "conscience" of the band. Howard always steered the band in that direction and never let them forget it. Howard left the band in 1973 to pursue a career in sales. Currently, Howard's passion is selling firearms. As Howard says, he just likes to sell "toys" to people. Howard's hobbies include formula auto and motorcycle racing.

[Steve Reno] Steve Reno (Rynoski) - Vocals. Again the Spokane connection, the band was familiar with Steve's abilities after he had moved to Spokane from Penticton, B.C. Shyanne sent for Steve when they were recording in LA in 1970. NW folks only got to see Stephen in his prime once with Shyanne during the early 70's. He was simply magic in front of a crowd. He could charm the chrome off of a Cadillac. His younger brother Mike Reno of Loverboy fame owes some debt for his own success to his brother's influence. Steve left Shyanne in 1972 to start an act with his wife. When last seen he was still in LA.

[Joe Shikany] Joe Shikany - R.I.P. - Guitars and vocals. Ask any Puget Sound musician for a list of the most talented local guitarists of the past 30 years and chances are that Joe's name will appear at or near the top of the list. And he does it all left-handed on a right hand guitar! Joe joined Shyanne when they moved to Seattle in 1972. He has played with a long list of the finest bands that ever existed in the Pacific NW who became successful in large part through his efforts and accomplishments. Recently Joe has been working with LiQuiD, Paul Rodgers(the voice of Free and Bad Company), Magic Bus, and PowerCell.

August 19, 2008 update: Unbelievably we have heard this morning of Joe's passing due to a bizzare accident in Eastern Wash last night. Joe had played over the weekend at the Spokane Fairgrounds with his band, Magic Bus, and was attending a family reunion at Sacheen Lake before a planned return home to Seattle. He was securing a boat to a dock that was about to come loose in the wind when a tree fell on him. Our thoughts and prayers are with Joe's family at this worst of times.

August 25, 2008 update: A friend of Joe's has created a website dedicated to Joe and the incredible outpouring of grief and remembrance from Joe's friends and acquaintances everywhere. Joe Shikany Tribute.

[Rick] Rick Baldwin - Drums & percussion. Rick joined Shyanne in 1974 and helped the band get through a difficult transition. Rick had a very steadying influence on the group and helped them get their focus on solving equipment and maintenence issues which had plagued the band for years. With his previous experience in the music wholesale trade, he brought a dedicated work ethic which through his perseverance eventually rubbed off on everyone. What a great attitude. He left Shyanne in 1979 to pursue other opportunities. In 1995 Rick founded the Imagine Guild and Children’s Ride 1 which has grown into one of the largest charity motorcycle events in the Pacific Northwest. In 2005, Children’s Ride grew from a one-day to a three day weekend event.

[Scott Rosburg] Scott Rosburg - Guitars and vocals. Joined Shyanne for a brief interlude starting in 1976. Hands down the finest singer of his time, Scott left the band in 1978 to co-found the successful band Randle-Rosburg which later morphed into the Arista Records act "Striker" where he became known as one of the premier singers & players in the Pacific NW. More recently, Scott has remained well connected locally & internationally as a member of The Roger Fisher Group, Randy Hansen, Aethena and now with his own band, The Scott Rosburg Group.

[Jerry Kratzmeyer] Jerry Kratzmeyer - Guitars. One of the finest pure technicians on a guitar to come out of the Reno, NV music scene in the 70's, Jerry came to Seattle to help us out on guitar, however briefly. He was a Robin Trower protege' and his skill was amazing. When last heard from he had returned from whence he came. When last heard from Jerry had settled in Texas.

[Don] Don Wilhelm - Guitar, keyboards and vocals. Following stints with Army, White Heart & Heart, Don joined Shyanne in 1977. His lilting vocals and inspired guitar playing matched his dedication to his faith. Don left the band in 1979 to pursue an interest in country rock music. In the 90's Don took up bass guitar and has since developed his own very unique style. Don's hobbies include restoring foreign autos. More about Don can be found by clicking on the following link to The Daily Flash.

[Perry White] Perry White - Drums & percussion. Another Spokane expatriate, Perry joined the band in 1979 and was the drummer of record for the Shyanne album. Perry brought with him a positive attitude and determination that was impossible to ignore. It didn't hurt that he was fearless in the face of any obstacle, musical or mundane, and actually enjoyed beating the crap out of his huge drum kit. After a brief hiatus from the music industry, Perry & John reformed with Randy Widener into a trio version of Shyanne that still plays classic rock at local venues. Here is a link to the new Shyanne webpage.

[Dan Haines] Danny Haines - Guitar and vocals. An old acquaintance since the 60's in Spokane, Dan had started a very popular band with his brother Rich called Tender Green. Dan joined Shyanne in 1981 and was the lead guitar player at the time Shyanne recorded their record album. Awesome lead lines that he could duplicate take after take or retool at the drop of a hat. Dan left Shyanne shortly before the great dissolve in the mid-80's. Danny's currently working in the Las Vegas, NV area...

[Donnarae Johnson] Donnarae Johnson - Vocals. Donna is yet another member with roots in Spokane. The band had known her for years before asking her to contribute her considerable vocal talent to their efforts. Unfortunately times were rough for Shyanne at that particular point in time. With garage bands undercutting the prevaling wages they had taken so many years to develop, the remaining time together for Shyanne was short. At any rate, Donnarae is still knocking them dead all around Puget Sound with the group Pop Culture.

[John Morris] John Morris - Guitar and vocals. Probably the most flamboyant Seattle guitar player this side of Randy Hansen, John has the consistency of granite. John's dedication to performing along with his sheer determination to entertain has made many nights an utter joy when they otherwise would have been forgettable. He is fearless when it is necessary and thoughtful when it ain't. John reformed the trio version of Shyanne with Perry and Randy in the 90's which continues today.

[Rick Spano] Rick Spano - Drums and Percussion. With his lifelong jazz backround, Rick was always ready for anything the band might care to throw at him. Rick's resume is far too long to fully list here. He's virtually played with most all of the finest musicians throughout the Pacific NW at one time or another. Rick ran a percussion store for a time and continues playing today. Most recently with Randy Hansen.

SHYANNE's crew:

[Doug Casper] Doug Casper - Shyanne's very first roadie. From Spokane as most of the band members, Doug was the first of many to cut his teeth with the band and then go on to much bigger and better things. Doug is still a Tour Manager with the likes of Steely Dan, Stevie Nicks and others.

[Craig Fruin] Craig Fruin - Shyanne's 2nd roadie. Spokane native. Another big success story. Craig went on to work as Tour Manager, Executive Producer and advisor with many acts over the years including Herbie Hancock, The Pointer Sisters, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, The Concert for George (Harrison) and ELO.

[Bruce] Bruce Donner - One of our great friends from Lewis & Clark High school Class of '69. Also one of our best. Bruce was a one man crew all by himself and always got us to the gigs and set up on time. If he played as well as he crewed, he would have been doing some picking with us.

[Perk] "Perk" Gary Perkins -

[Big Gar] Gary "Big Gar" Johnson -

[Long Eddie] "Long Eddie" DeLong -

[Jimbo] Jim "Jimbo" -

[Al Quinn] Al "Slimbo" Quinn -

[Jim Vamvas] Jim "JV" Vamvas -

[Swack] Jim "Swack" Swackhammer -

[Frank] Frank Farmer -

[Rabbit] "Rabbit" Watson -

[Vic Coupez] Vic Coupez -

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